Montag, 1. August 2011

Kannst du dich erinnern...

... an das Gefühl, als du 8 Jahre alt warst und da dieses Mädchen in der Klasse war, das immer bessere Noten hatte als du, das immer noch beliebter war als du, das in Sport den Handstand schon konnte bevor du die Rückwärtsrolle beherrschtest und die beim ersten Mal ausprobieren sofort auf Stelzen laufen konnte und du dagegen nach drei Tagen immer noch nach einem Schritt auf den Knien lagst...
und dann hat dich deine Mami in den Arm genommen, dir über das Haar gestreichelt und gesagt: " Du bist das tollste Mädchen auf der Welt für mich und ich liebe dich, egal wie gut oder wie schlecht du etwas kannst."

Do you remember the feeling you had, when you were 8 years old and there was this girl in your class, who always got the better rates, who was always more popular than you where, who managed to do the handstand, long before you learned to back roll and who managed to walk with Stalks (English?) when she first tried, while you felt on your knees after one step, still after three days practicing...
and then your mum came to you, laid her arms around you stroked your hair and said: " You are the greatest girl in the world for me and I will always love you, no matter if you are very good at something or not so."

Genauso habe ich mich gefühlt als ich heute diesen Post im Oops Sheet Blog gelesen habe:
The same way I felt, when I read this Post on Oops Sheet Blog today:

Pssst… hey you. Yeah you with the pony tail and the pillow lines still on your face. With the kid that just blew a gasket in the store. You look great. And you are doing a great job. Really.

Your house is a mess? Nah, it’s fine. Perpetual fingerprints everywhere? We’ll call it art. Laundry pile is a mile high? That’s ok, it will get done when it gets done.

Kids been crazy lately? Yeah. It happens sometimes. It’s not a reflection of your parenting though. You’re a great parent. And you’re doing an amazing job with your kids. They may not appreciate it now. But they will one day.

Juggling a career too? Got a business? Working from home? Lots of balls in the air at once? Yeah. Things get nuts sometimes. It’s part of life. We want it all and sometimes it all comes at us at once.

Haven’t managed a shower yet today? Well you don’t look it. Don’t even know what your make up looks like anymore? You look fine without it. And you look fine with it. No worries.

So in this chaos that we call life, we just wanted to take a moment to say: Hey, great job. You look wonderful. Your kids are great kids. Your house is just fine the way it is. And you are doing a fantastic job. Well done. Really and truly, well done.

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